Prayer For the 2016 Election: Lynn Donovan

American FlagHoly Father, who is in Heaven, Jesus our Messiah and Holy Spirit who moves in our hearts and in our lives, we come before you in obedience and love. We seek Your perfect wisdom. Lord, we plead like Paul, in Ephesians 1:17 for the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation to know Your will for our country, for our future leaders and to help us to bring unity to Your Church and to our country.

Lord, You knew before time began whom You would appoint as our 45th president. You ordained that this person might be a tool of Your purposes, judgement and or mercy. We ask now that you would bring that person forward and fill them with Your Holy Spirit. We stand in prayer and faith that this person will be humble and submitted to Your Son, Jesus.

Father, right now we come against the powers of darkness, principalities, and rulers of evil. We stand as Your Children, given gifts and authority to cast down all arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. And we declare that this land, the United States of America, will be a nation dedicated to God. We pray you move with great power to defeat the powers of darkness. And we will pray the heavens open and place angels on assignment to defeat evil intentions, lies to the public and deceit. In the name of Jesus.

Lord, we seek your favor and turn from wickedness. We repent on behalf of our brothers and sisters in this country that have aligned themselves with selfish and evil motives. We repent for lies that spew forth from our televisions and in the public square. We beg your forgiveness. Lord, now we ask a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit to sweep across our land and change the atmosphere from division, fear, and hatred and then release love, healing and kinship. Lord, we ask that truth prevail, Your truth. In Jesus holy name.

Father, let your people rise and see their enormous importance to humble themselves and pray this very hour for Your hand of mercy and grace. Let us storm the heavens with petitions that move all of heaven and that defeat hell with finality.

Lord, defeat the devil’s schemes. Remind us to armor up daily and to walk in the Spirit of 2 Timothy 1:7. For you did not give us a spirit of fear but one of power love and sound mind. Grant us a supernatural mind to know exactly how and whom to vote. Lord, let us become warriors, bold and valiant, for Your Kingdom. Let us not shrink back from attacks of evil but rise up and share Your truth with a world that is blind, naked and dying.

Lord, let Your banner over us be love and kindness. You know who our next President will be. We ask that You would bless our county with a humble person who will seek Your face for wisdom as they guide us in the days ahead. Place a covering over this person and family. Place a covering over American and bring about Your perfect plans for this Nation.

We pray all this in the name above all names, Jesus. Christ.

NOOOOOO, NOT THAT! But It Turned out SO Good!

My friends,

Walking through a season of warfare is NOT fun. However, I’ve arrived now at the Jordan River and am about to cross into the Promised Land. I don't fully comprehend how I know this but I sense God is changing things within the spiritual realm as I am preparing to step into a year of Jubilee. I share more about Jubilee at Spiritually Unequal Marriage. You can read that post series, click here to start.

But for me personally, I will pick up my story where I left you. White knuckled, clinging to God’s promises in His Word. It was at this point that I realized that God wanted me to just --- rest. ARGH!!! I don’t do – rest- well. I’m a do-er, kind-a-girl!

But I’m also learning obedience and so I rest. I stopped praying about new writing projects. I rested from church assignments, I stopped taking on any extra writing/speaking work and I rest. And now as we approach the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, I’ve come to learn that this entire year, 2014 has been the year of the Shmita. Say what? This entire year, is a year of rest. The 49th year according to God’s Word in Leviticus. It is a year of rest leading into the year of Jubilee.

But guess what I’ve learned in the resting? The promises of the Lord are being prepared. I’ve watched the Lord start to put people, events and circumstances into place that will come to full fruition within the next 6-8 weeks. I kid you not.

Let me give you an example. I’ve been praying for years. I mean years about getting my physical body back into shape. I’ve begged God. I’ve prayed for healing so many, many years. I’ve dieted and fasted and read a million books about healthy eating and creating a healthy life-style. To no avail. However, FINALLY in September I’m starting at a gym and with a new nutrition plan with an accountability partner. This is the only way I will succeed. And I can tell you that, YES, I will succeed. I’m on fire about this new plan and gym. My new training and the program begins, now get this, September 14. I didn’t even realize the date when I was working to get this all set up two months back.

I’ve also received some direction for my future writing. And another God set up is that my son and his wife are moving back to Las Vegas. This is all for the good for them and for us. These are all set ups for what God is preparing for me in the months of Jubilee.

I will tell you what I'm sensing the Jubilee year will hold for me personally, in my next post. And to discover what I believe Jubilee will hold for you, join the crowd reading the series at SUM.

For now, share with me what promise you have been praying into for a long time. I will pray along with you and let’s ask the Lord if it is destined for the redemption and restoration of Jubilee. I know that I will ask the Lord for specific insight and I will respond to you!

I love you my friends. It’s the greatest time to be alive since Jesus walked among us!!! Hallelujah!

God Speaks. Balloons Arrive

Every day we find ourselves surrounded by the supernatural. There are wonders to behold, glory to discover and miracles everywhere. We just don’t know how to see them.

This little playground on the web is where I want to share some of these crazy, astonishing stories of where an ordinary believer intersects with the God of the universe. I have many stories to tell of His faithfulness and my encounters.

I’m a bit older now and reflecting on my past, I clearly understand where, when and how the hand of God covered me. Stories of delight, deliverance, warfare and miracles. Soon I'm sharing a story of which I’m certain God saved me as a small child when I was drowning in a public pool. Amazing….. Stay tuned.

But right now, and mostly for me, I want to share my balloons. Many of my friends and readers at SUM know about these balloons. But it’s a story I need to write out for me.

Baloon BaptizedGod speaks to me through Mylar balloons. It’s a very personal and intimate way that the Lord sends me love notes, messages and His approval and affirmations. I’ve written and spoken often about the first one I remember receiving. The Baptism balloon that my husband found prominently placed at our back door. (See video here.)

But here are a few more and what the message was in the season and circumstances I found myself at the time.

IMG_1718This balloon arrived one morning while on a walk-n-pray. I had been through a long season, six months, of illnesses, colds, sniffles, laryngitis over and over, flu.... the works. One morning after a prolonged illness that left me on the couch for two weeks I finally was able to go on a morning walk. Not too long into my walk I spied this balloon floating two feet above the ground. It was waiting for me. When I walked over to it I said out loud, "O Lord, I've missed you."

Immediately He replied right back, "NO! I've missed you." I broke down in snotty sobs *grin* as my heart was filled with His unconditional love. To think that our Papa, God loves us and missed us when we don't pray or are too sick to walk with Him and that He cares when we are ill. It is ..... A holy mind-blow. This was a powerful and holy experience I treasure in my heart.

IMG_1757I will often receive balloons before and/or following a major speaking event. Recently I spoke at my local church on a Sunday morning. I shared with the congregation several of my balloon stories and wouldn't you know it, just to show off a bit. The next day, Monday, bright and early while on my walk-n-pray, I spy a shinny balloon on the dirt. I walk toward it and clearly see it's a baseball.

I say to the Lord, "Baseball??? Lord, Baseball? Why a baseball?" I puzzle. 

Then all of a sudden, I hear Him reply to me, in what I can only describe as a tone with a bit of mischief, "Look closer."

Good grief! I look closer and I see a very large "A" and a halo.... I immediately hear again, "Angels are all around!"

I giggled like a little girl and just knew that they were!

I have more stories likes these to come. I wonder, do you hear the Lord speak? Do you want to?