You Have Everything
A Good Father

You Have Everything

James 1 5 jpegYou Have Everything

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.— 2 Peter 1:3 (NIV)

My child, have you finally grown weary? Is the cloak of frustration that covers your soul, consuming your energies? Are the bonds of darkness, worry, unrest, anxiety, blotting out your brilliance, intellect and power?

I look upon your heart and perceive your questions. Be assured, I am intently listening to you as you pray. Yet, My sweet child, bend your knee and pray differently.

Your prayers and petitions are scrambling for a hasty resolution to your current struggle and pain. But, alas, haste offers merely a temporary relief while closure remains aloof and distant. I long to place into your life a permanent healing, a remedy of such magnitude that never again will you struggle with this preponderance of ache.

Seek not simplicity of answers.

Seek revelation.

Seek My heart.

Turn the hours of petition-prayers to plunging prayer. Ask to enter in. Seek to be welcomed into depths of perfection. Jump off the cliff of mundane and safe footing, swim through the seas of love, grace, mercy. Touch the center of My heart. Worship in expectant peace. Rest in Me.

Peace resides within revelation of My realm, providing every resolution to every problem of mankind.

Revelation unlocks wisdom. Request wisdom and I will send her to you, laden with scrolls of decree for your future. Revelation downloads transport simplicity of design to complicated challenges, impossible relationships and evil assignments. Revelation is a realm of hope. It is joy personified in delight as resolutions arrive. It is all you need. Revelation is your power on earth, My child.

Seek revelation from My heart. Pray with greater understanding.


The angelic are summoned. Warriors of God arrive. Give a SHOUT! Hallelujah! Strategies and blueprints of heaven unfold within your mind.

The mere answers you are seeking are swallowed up on GLORY as my revelation, purposes, love and power are displayed through your life.

This day, turn to revelation prayer. The move of God in your life will bring the awareness of Me to others. Arise and take this world for the Kingdom of The Most High!



Today, I will pray with purpose, power and belief, using the Word with conviction, confidence and finally with unfailing courage. I will not relent or give up or give in. I will stand for goodness, honesty, integrity, and truth. I will love lavishly and forgive easily. I will offer hope and a hand to those who I can help, and I will always and forever remain loyally in love with my Jesus.

This is my high and holy calling, and I will believe nothing less. In the name of Jesus. Amen and Hallelujah!!!


Winning Them With Prayer: by, Lynn Donovan

Winning Them With Prayer