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End Times and A Possible Global Church. What do you think?

Faith End Time ChurchNation of God, Lynn here.

So, I had an entirely different post planned and written for today. However, in my spirit, I can’t remain quiet. There are important issues of the day that are relevant to our faith, our home and our marriage. And so, with fear of rejection or criticism, I’m stepping out to share some things upon my heart. I ask that you read what I share and consider how these current day issues are a factor in your life, faith and within your marriage. And I also ask that you forgive me for being timid in the past as I avoided issues which are challenging for all of us to agree upon.

Finally, I ask that you discern what the Lord and His Word are speaking to you about the topics, share in the comments with love. As a body of believers, we need to discuss issues in the news and in our churches in order to resolve within ourselves our stance because very soon, our conviction may be the only thing that keeps us from falling down the slippery slope. And if you disagree with me, that’s okay. Please be kind in the comments.

So, where to start.

Today I feel absolutely overwhelmed to write about a process that I had with the Lord this morning. It has been the strangest experience and powerfully revelatory. So, I will walk you through it and then let’s talk about the implications in the comments.

Last night I awoke in the middle of the night. I distinctly heard two names. One of which I am familiar and one I’ve never heard before.

William H. Taft
William F. Barkley

Two Williams. WEIRD!!!  Can I just ask you, has this happened to you? Have you awakened hearing a person’s name whispered in your ear at night???? I’m tellin’ ya…. WEIRD.

Early this morning, with coffee in hand, I sat down in my prayer room and proceeded to Google search these names.

Whoa. To my astonishment, William F. Barkley, was a theologian who was born December 5, 1907 and died in 1978. The interesting thing about this Professor and pastor of the Church of Scotland is that he denied the reality of the Trinity. He was a prolific writer as well as teacher.

Interesting. Okay Lord.

Then I searched William Taft, twenty seventh president of the United States. Brilliant man who was a four-term President as well as a Supreme Court Justice. A long history of public service adorns his resume. However, after searching further I discovered he presented himself as a Christian but fully adopted the doctrines of the Unitarian church. BTW, I knew nothing about either of these people nor the Unitarian Church prior to this morning.

So, in my process with the Father I asked: Father, why are you showing me this?

His response: This is information about the future. Denial of the Trinity.

You see, both Williams had a singular similarity. They adopted doctrine that denies the truth of the Triune God. Unitarianism is central to the denial of the Trinity and it goes further to deny the deity of Christ as well as the denial of the supernatural.

Instantly I understood why the Lord placed these two names into my mind in the middle of the night and their commonality is the denial of the Trinity. The Lord went on to impress upon me that in the future, end-times, the church will unite under Unitarianism as it is the belief system that welcomes all faiths.

The Lord created this name puzzle with the Williams to be so unlikely, so crazy, that I would have zero doubt as to the message and that it was of the Lord.

Gang, I rarely hear names in the middle of the night, especially names of people I don’t even know.

Sitting in my prayer room, I grieved as I thought about the millions that will be deceived. Unitarianism began under the original name, Arian…. Good grief… (Arian Nation, Nazism sprang to mind.) The denial of the Trinity, then denial of Christ as Deity and finally when all possibility of the supernatural realms is tossed out, the gates of hell open and all faiths will unite. If Christ is merely a human man like the rest of us, then the power of the cross is a lie.

Prayer Notes End-Times Prophecy
BTW, My notes from my prayer time.

However, in this moment on the couch in my prayer room, a vigorous truth arose in my spirit. Here it is:

The truth about Jesus is that He is different than any other man who walked this earth. He was born of a virgin. The seed of God is incorruptible and wholly pure, divine. The DNA is pure and unaltered and the perfection of mankind, thus his blood sacrifice meets every demand of the law and the prophets. He is one of the three in the Trinity. He is deity. He is the Word. He is the Lamb who took away the sins of the world.


Why this history lesson? My SUMite friends, awareness is our profound gift as we face the largest battle in the church in this current day, deception. If we are unaware of the schemes of satan, we are doomed to fall into this big, beautiful, welcoming, church that still allows me to be a Christian but at the core denies the power and truth of Christ.

I will tell you this, shallow believers will run with passion to the doors. Our unbelieving spouses will smile and say, “Now, this sounds like a church I could attend.”

I’m not kidding. These scenarios are very real for our lives. So…… Now, here is the difficult part of this message. You are aware. Now you are accountable.

What can we do. Praise Jesus that He is showing His Bride the truth. He is actively and with wild efforts, such as speaking names I don’t know into my ear at night, making us aware of what is coming. He is urging us to prayer and to seek out the truths and have them LOCKED IN our heart, mind, soul and strength.

Pray for wisdom. Pray for discernment. Pray for revelation (Ephesians 1:18) Pray that God’s truth will be made known and deception defeated. In Jesus name.


Thanks for allowing me to share some of my fantastic adventures with our King! 

On Friday: Censorship…. Ya, let’s keep the controversial subjects rolling.

One final note. Of course, what I have shared is a possibility that God is making me aware. Our prayers can delay, deny and cancel the works of the enemy. To that end is why I believe the Lord is showing me this information. Let's pray. Let's believe. Let's triumph. Hugs, Lynn


Today, I will pray with purpose, power and belief, using the Word with conviction, confidence and finally with unfailing courage. I will not relent or give up or give in. I will stand for goodness, honesty, integrity, and truth. I will love lavishly and forgive easily. I will offer hope and a hand to those who I can help, and I will always and forever remain loyally in love with my Jesus.

This is my high and holy calling, and I will believe nothing less. In the name of Jesus. Amen and Hallelujah!!!


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